WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Oduman Ignis Revo 4

Oduman Ignis Revo 4

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The Oduman Ignis Revo is an accecory which is produced for Hookah charcoal and has been designed to adjust the temperature of the charcoal. According to your charcoal’s temperature, you can burn it more or less.

- Ignis Revo is an advanced version of the model
- High alloy and original aluminum material
- Special ventilation sheet made of 304 quality steel that allows the lower part of the coal to breathe
- Specially designed stainless steel tongs for lifting the cover and adjusting the temperature and allowing the transportation of the coals
- Metallic bronze and silver gray colors
- 3 cube coal capacity
- Long smoking time
- 3-stage temperature adjustment channels

With Oduman ignis-revo, which maximizes the performance of hookah smoking, you can obtain a longer period of smoking.